Pillars of Activity

at the Addison’s Walk Institute

01  Academic Initiatives:

AWI Fellows and staff will teach in local colleges and universities.  Our goal is to recruit faculty that are able to teach across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  As a staff, we will work together to create original research in the humanitites and sciences.  We also wish to publish blogs, articles, books, and curriculum.  This material will be used in Public Conversations.

02 Public Conversations

This is the core ministry of Addison’s Walk. We will offer courses and seminars that help people (both college and non-college personnel) to engage with life’s hardest questions. We will explore the the intersection of faith, reason, and culture. These courses/seminars will be offered on a monthly basis. We will also offer reading groups. Andy is currently engaged in a reading group that meets on Marywood’s campus. These groups will deal with historic texts that foster conversations that lead to Gospel presentations. We will host debates and bring in speakers for lecture series on pertinent topics. We will also take Addison’s Walk to churches and organizations that wish to learn more about apologetics and engaging their world for Christ.

03 Spiritual Formation

This is the personal component of the ministry where we will disciple students. We will show them how they can integrate their faith with what they are learning in the classroom. We will serve the students by raising up a generation of Christian thinkers who love Jesus and know how to share him in any context.

04  Addison’s Walk Live

We want to bring Addison’s Walk to you.  Click HERE to find out more.